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This ultra-rich balm is a quintessential blend of cocoa, shea, mango and aloe butters with the added benefit of apricot kernel and mango oil. This is a non-greasy moisturizer that helps smooth and even skin tone, as well as fades stretchmarks. It also works wonders on dry elbows, knees, hips, or your tummy.

Butter Balm

SKU: 0001
    • Shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe butter, mango butter, apricot kernel oil, mango oil, natural beeswax, Vitamin E
    • Shea butter: Replenishes moisture into the skin
    • Cocoa butter: Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes; helps skin retain moisture
    • Aloe butter: Relieves itchy, flaking skin; provides rapid hydration, to dry skin
    • Mango butter: Nourishes and regenerates the skin; helps evens skin tone
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